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How to solve the problem of the solidification of the needle

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The glue needle is one of the accessories in the dispensing machine. The specifications of the needles are relatively small and the installation is more convenient. The scope of dispensing needle is wide, in electronic components, semiconductor manufacturing industry, mobile phone keys are used to glue dispensing valve, in the work, through the control of dispensing needles out of battle, but in the dispensing process because of some causes of dispensing needle glue solidification phenomenon, affecting the effect of dispensing. Is there any way to solve the problem when the point glue needle is solidified? How to avoid the phenomenon of solidification by using the needles of dot glue?
1, the cause of the coagulation phenomenon of the dispensing needle: not suitable for some special glue with a needle, which appears in the needle glue solidification phenomenon; dispensing equipment in air tightness of the pressure barrel is not good, if the seal is not good, the solidification rate in the dispensing process will soon add glue, causing blockage the phenomenon also will have some impact on the dispensing work.
2, the solution of solidification phenomenon: generally, the phenomenon of coagulating in general needles can't basically continue to use, so we need to exchange glue. But for some high temperature metal dispensing needles, we can use heaters to melt glue in dispensing needles and do glue dispensing.
Therefore, when using dispensing needles for dispensing, we need to check the air tightness of the dispensing pressure barrel, and check the quality of the glue used, so as to avoid the solidification phenomenon of glue in the needle. Because the glue needles are suitable for a lot of glue, the viscosity of the glue is different. In order to meet the needs of different glue, there are many kinds of needles, for example, TT dispensing needles, bayonets, dispensing needles, high-precision dispensing needles, etc., when selecting needles, we need to choose the dispensing according to the dispensing point and make the dispensing convenient.
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