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How to correct the change of the needles in the dispensing p

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In the process of using, the glue dispensing needle will jam the general use of plastic needle clogging will replace; for some needles made of metal, the heater can be used the needle glue in the melt, and then dispensing work. It is necessary to remove the needles on the barrel or the spot glue valve when rereplacing the needle or heating, which is convenient to replace the heating. How can the needles be corrected in use due to the change in the position of the dispensing needle after the replacement?
The need to replace the dispensing needle or heated needle installed in the dispensing syringe or dispensing valve, to visually identify the location, you can try to glue, if the deviation in the dispensing table and try to fine tune the dispensing needle position until the dispensing needle can work for dispensing products, you can batch production.
In addition to the product and the spot glue needle position, also need to pay attention to the distance between the glue needle and the product. If the needles too close to the product, will damage the needles in the dispensing process, if it is also a metal needle scratch product appearance, also will have some impact on the quality of products; on the contrary, if the product is too far away from the dispensing needle will affect the accuracy of the glue to glue, glue, prone to leakage phenomenon, also will have some impact on the production quality of products. It is convenient to adjust the needle head by adjusting the distance between the product and the point glue needle.
The method above is correct dispensing needle, in addition to understanding the correction, also need to know how to use needles, avoid leakage in the use of glue, glue, wire drawing and other phenomena affect the quality of products such as dispensing.
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