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What are the brands of domestic glue valve

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When we use a variety of glue dispensing glue, as an important part of the glue dispensing valve control: in which role is more outstanding. So we should dispensing valve of the dispensing machine within the dispensing valve choose carefully, then we use where it? What are the brand of the glue valve? These are all the manufacturers must know about the production of each application.
But we first need to understand before choosing to use their own type of dispensing machine, this is because the type of dispenser will directly affect the production and use of the dispensing valve type selection, and the different performance of the dispensing valve, can not use the same kind of dispensing machine.
Hand control dispensing valve
At present, the main driving force of dispensing valve in dispensing machine is its driving mode, which is due to the different driving form, the composition of dispensing valve is completely different, so they cannot be used universally. Now the main driving way of the glue valve has three forms of pneumatic, electric power and mechanical drive. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we should choose the actual situation to choose carefully when choosing the dispensing valve.
Interactive thimble pin valve
At present, the enterprises that can produce glue dispensing valves usually have the ability to produce glue dispensers. Therefore, when we choose the brand of dispensing valve, we must choose some famous and highly qualified dispensing enterprises, so that the quality of products can also be guaranteed accordingly. Now the dispensing accessories business and dispensing machine manufacturing industry are next to each other together, usually distribution is from south to the north, east than in west coastal areas, inland areas more than. Among them, the two areas in Shanghai and Guangzhou are the most important. Dispensing valve brands in Shanghai famous Shanghai, Shanghai Bao Kun Tai collar and other well-known brands, Guangzhou is more like Shenzhen, Shenzhen and other second system. It has many years of research on glue dispensing valve and glue dispenser, which is a well-known production and development enterprise in China.
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