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How to clean the needles of the glue

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Dispensing needles can be called the call is a syringe, dispensing accessories, in electronic components, mobile phone keypad, computer keyboard, LED, semiconductor manufacturing industry can be used in the dispensing process, in addition to the dispensing needle for dispensing work, but also to control the quantity of cement by dispensing dispensing. Convenient dispensing.
Every time after using the dispensing equipment or changing the glue species, we need to clean the dispensing equipment once, so as to avoid changing the glue and residual glue and accelerate the solidification phenomenon. It also can extend the service life of dispensing equipment. So how do we clean the needles?
Because there are many kinds of dispensing needles, some of them are made of plastic materials. Although plastic products do not produce scratched products, plastic dispensing needles can only be used once, so these dispensing needles do not need to be cleaned. But some needles is mixed by metal material production, cleaning according to the need of the choice of detergent used glue, use detergent after use water to clean residual detergent, finally can use cotton cloth to wipe clean needles, wiping it can replace glue or stored.
If there is a solidification phenomenon of the syringe before the cleaning of the dispensing needle, it is possible to use the heater to melt the glue in the dispensing needle and melt the glue in the dispensing needle so that it can be cleaned. Then the cleaned dispensing needle is installed on the dispensing equipment, and the dispensing is set, so that the residue can be squeezed out after cleaning, avoiding the clogging of the residue when dispensing, affecting the dispensing effect.
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