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What are the solutions for plugging the needles with glue?

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Dot glue needle is a kind of glue accessories, in LED, semiconductor manufacturing, medical pharmaceutical, electronic parts and other industries can be used to glue needles. Although the range of dispensing needles is wide, it is easy to clogging when they are used, which affects the dispensing. What are the solutions for dispensing needles?
The dispensing process blockage causes the needle: the use of glue unqualified, impurities in the dispensing glue will plug the dispensing needle or syringe dispensing, dispensing needles influence effect; use not suitable, prone to blocking glue phenomenon of the dispensing machine work will cause some influence. It is necessary to check the quality of the glue before using the glue dispenser to prevent the glue from blocking the glue. Before use, it is necessary to check the conformity of the glue needle and the spot glue needle, so as to reduce the phenomenon of glue blocking.
For convenience of operation, there are many kinds of dispensing needles, such as TT dispensing needles, stainless steel dispensing needles, high-precision dispensing needles, bayonet dispensing needles, etc. The stainless steel needles and high precision dispensing needle is made of metal material, and TT needles and buckle dispensing needle is made of plastic material, the metal solidification phenomenon appears the glue dispensing needle needle in the heater can be used to melt glue, plastic needles need to be replaced, to avoid clogging effect of dispensing work.
Every time after using the dispensing equipment, the dispensing machine must be cleaned once. When cleaning, it is necessary to choose detergent according to the glue used. It can extend the service life of dispensing needles and facilitate the next use.
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