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What is the use of the needles

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In mobile phone buttons, LED, semiconductor manufacturing, computer keyboard and other products, we will use dispensing needles, dispensing needles, also known as dispensing syringes, is a kind of accessories in dispensing equipment. Since it is a kind of glue fittings, then what are the use of point glue needles in the dispensing equipment?
In the glue dispensing equipment, the glue needles can be used in conjunction with the dispensing cartridge or the dispensing valve. In order to meet the needs of different industries, dispensing needles are: stainless steel needles, TT inclined needles and high precision dispensing needles, needles etc. the bayonet, stainless steel needles and bayonet dispensing needle is made of plastic material produced in the dispensing process do not scratch products. Stainless steel dispensing needles and high-precision dispensing needles are made of metal materials, which can be reused. The dispensing machine with high precision dispensing needles for dispensing is fast. It is necessary to use the product according to the demand of the glue when choosing the glue needle, and it is convenient to spot the glue.
Due to the use of the scope of dispensing needle is wide, and each product of cement volume requirements are different, so in addition to the dispensing needle with the dispensing work, you can also control the amount of glue dispensing, dispensing needles in the selection can be selected according to the use of glue viscosity or dispensing glue volume. If the viscosity of the glue used is greater, a shorter dispensing needle can be selected to avoid the phenomenon of wire drawing. If the glue viscosity is smaller, glue dispensing needles with shorter length can be dispensed in the dispensing process, so as to avoid the phenomenon of glue leakage. The amount of glue can be controlled not only with the length of the needle, but also on the diameter of the needles.
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