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Which industries need to be used for special dispenser needl

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The dispensing process application of dispensing needle is essential, product quality related and dispensing needles, the dispensing needle with high precision the scope is wider, the industry has a dispensing dispensing needle special for user applications, to meet for dispensing work, what the industry needs to use special needles?
The use of cyanoacrylate adhesive for steel and glass products in the production work, the curing effect of cyanoacrylate very quickly, need to select special needles to apply instant glue, through the use of Teflon needles can be used instant glue dispensing, Teflon needle for dispensing in low viscosity fluid dispensing, Teflon the needle Seiko manufactured without burr defect, ensure the instantaneous dry glue glue precision satisfy the production demand, double helix locking function enables the removal and installation work more convenient.
In the electronics industry, splicing PCB board and components through the dispensing machine to complete, need to ensure that the components are firmly adhered to the PCB board, can be achieved by using TT TT dispensing needles, needles suitable for high viscosity glue dispensing, the bonding effect can enhance the components on the PCB board to achieve results the dispensing process, smooth and efficient, greatly improving the yield of the product, the use of high viscosity glue does not appear glue blockage, to further enhance the efficiency of dispensing.
The dispensing work some industry needs more stable, the use of needles fixed the excellent effect of this part of the production can meet the needs of users, with bayonet needles as an example, a two suite bayonet at the top of the needle to make it more stable fixation in the dispensing valve, dispensing work stable high demand.
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