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What materials are made of common glue needles

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In the process of dispensing dispensing equipment will use needles for dispensing, dispensing needle type and more, the most common are: stainless steel needles, needles, bayonet high precision dispensing needles, PP flexible needles, the advantages of these needles of different materials has made the difference. So what do these common needles are made of?
Stainless steel dispensing needles and high-speed dispensing needles are made of stainless steel metal materials. Their service life is longer and their application scope is wider. Electronic dispensing, cell phone keypad, LED, medical treatment and other products can all use dispensing needles. The dispensing needle made of metal material can be reused. If the glue in the syringe is coagulated, it can use the heater to melt the glue in the syringe and facilitate the dispensing.
The adhesive needles and PP flexible dot glue needles are made of plastic material. The product can not be scraped during the process of glue. The quality of the product can be guaranteed. In general, the plastic needles made of plastic can only be used in one time. When the glue is solidified, the needles need to be replaced, and the service life is short.
From the above, you can see that the needles are generally made of these two kinds of materials, and the products of the glue needles made of these two kinds of materials have their own advantages. But in the choice of dispensing needles need to use glue and product requirements are selected, to avoid the needle clogging, glue, glue leakage phenomenon in the dispensing process, influence of dispensing work. It is necessary to clean the pipes and dispensing needles when changing the rubber species. The dispensing needles made of plastic materials can be replaced again, while the dispensing needles made of metallic materials can be cleaned according to the choice of detergent for glue and convenient for dispensing.
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