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What are the needles used for?

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The users who have been in contact should ask: what is the needling needle? What is the meaning of the needles and so on. In fact, the glue needles are often seen in the work of the glue. It is one of the accessories in the dispensing equipment. Dispensing needles, also known as dispensing syringes, are widely applied. They can be used in dispensing needles in electronic components, cell phone buttons, LED, semiconductor manufacturing and other products. So what are the advantages of the glue needles?
In addition to the dispensing needle with dispensing syringe or dispensing valve for dispensing work, you can also control the dispensing glue volume, in dispensing work, can be used according to the viscosity of the glue to choose the length of needles, according to the product requirements for dispensing needles, the needle is not suitable to avoid leakage glue, glue, wire drawing the phenomenon appeared in the dispensing process.
For dispensing work, dispensing needles because of impurities in glue and plug needles, thus affecting the quality of products; if the dispensing equipment itself a good sealing, can accelerate the solidification speed of glue, the glue dispensing needle is easy to appear the solidification phenomenon, will cause some impact on the gel point. If the quality of the glue is not good, the glue can be replaced, and the glue is blocked. If it is made of plastic material, the dispensing needle can be replaced again. If the glue in the dispensing needle made by metal is coagulated, it can use the heater to melt the glue in the needle and make it easy to use.
When replacing gum seeds, alcohol or tin or water can be used to clean the dispensing needles and pipes, so as to avoid changing chemical reactions between glue and residual glue and coagulating effect.
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