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How to stop the glue needles

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The dispensing needle can also be called a syringe. It can be dispensed with the dispensing syringe or dispensing valve, but the dispensing needle is prone to clogging phenomenon during the dispensing process, which affects the dispensing effect. For example:
The use of glue quality is not good, in the dispensing work because of impurities within the glue dispensing needle clogging, will not only affect the amount of glue dispensing equipment, is also very easy to plug the needles, affect the quality of dispensing; dispensing equipment itself a good sealing and solidification rate will speed up the glue, the glue in the process to make the needle clogging, it will have some impact on the dispensing work; dispensing needles used for glue in the dispensing process is easy to make the needle glue in the coagulation phenomenon, affecting production etc.. Then how to stop the glue and stop the needle?
In the work before checking the quality of dispensing and dispensing secret time glue sealing glue, if the quality is not good, the pressure can be barrel cleaned, washed and replaced glue, avoid blockage; pressure barrels in the use of pressure before the first barrel with glue placed for a period of time, if the glue on the needle cylinder the best time to replace the pressure solidification in a barrel, reduce the solidification phenomenon; for some special glue, such as instant glue, UV glue, use the glue dispensing needle to choose the best suitable for dispensing, to avoid the phenomenon of glue solidification in needle.
If glue is solidified at the needle, if it is made of plastic, the dispensing needle is best rereplaced. If the dispensing needle made of metal material can be melted by the heater, the glue in the hour will melt. When replacing or heating, the needle must be removed, so that it can be conveniently replaced or heated.
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