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Hand making method of stainless steel dot glue needle

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Stainless steel needles before the jet dispensing machine is not universal, is a very popular product, now many dispensing machines require the use of stainless steel needles, can improve the precision of dispensing dispensing machine, but the way is difficult to manufacture stainless steel needles, especially small needles, needs higher process, will lead to a small price more expensive, with the glue dispensing needle control function is very good.
Manufacturing process of dispensing needle to manual and mechanical manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, precision dispensing needle with no manual to do fine, mass production is the use of machinery manufacturing, manual production are small production, manual production need to spend very much time, not suitable for factory production development model, the price is more some expensive, but not a lot of development.
The dispensing needle Handmade equipment to use the model made, then the use of artificial grinding, grinding such mechanical grinding is much better, more delicate, to have a good effect on dispensing, is to improve the effect of dispensing, dispensing needles using this price is quite high.
The surface of said production method is relatively simple, making it very difficult, especially the use of manual polishing mode, every day can produce products are not many, there are few of the dispensing needle manufacturers on the market, in the system of automatic equipment limited company to produce this kind of product, just to be able to have a better production of high-end products this is the way, in the production of dispensing machine, by the way out of the production of incidental goods, the use of double needles basically do not need to change.
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