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How to solve the blocking phenomenon of double head glue nee

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Double needles is a kind of special double needles, double needles are generally made of stainless steel metal material production, dispensing work can be done at the same time, but also has the advantages of corrosion resistance and double needles, but in the use of double needles for dispensing will jam, thus affecting the effect of dispensing. So what are the reasons for the blockage? And double head glue needle plugging solution?
The cause of the blockage:
The quality of the glue used is not good. If the quality of glue is not good, it will not only affect the dispensing quantity of dispensing, but also easily jam the dispensing needles, affect the dispensing work, etc. the dispensing equipment itself is not well sealed. When the sealing is not good, the solidification speed of the glue can be accelerated, and the glue needles will be blocked during the dispensing process; the used glue needle is not suitable for the glue. The solidification rate of some glue is faster, and the glue needle is blocked easily in the process of glue, which affects the effect of the glue.
The methods to solve the blocking phenomenon of double head glue needle are as follows:
Since the double head dispensing needle is made of stainless steel metal, when the glue is solidified in the double head dispensing needle, the glue in the dispensing needle can be melted by the heater, so that the glue solidification can be avoided and the dispensing work will be affected.
Pay attention to the use of the method can avoid the use of glue plug phenomenon: before using the dispensing needle, check the quality of the use of glue for qualified, if the quality is not good to be the best glue glue out, replace glue, reduce clogging phenomenon; if the sealing effect of dispensing equipment is not good, you can check the pressure the valve barrel is tightened, or to replace the pressure barrel, reduce clogging phenomenon.
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