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What is the difference between the return suction point prec

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There are some differences between the different dispensing valves. Of course, the size of the dispensing depends on all aspects of the dispensing valves. In most cases, it is not just one. So let's give you an example, for example, what is the difference between the return suction precision glue valve and the hot-melt adhesive valve?
Automatic return suction valve
If we want to compare the functions and characteristics of the two dispensing valves, we need to know their working principles, functions and characteristics, so that we can make a better distinction.
Precision return suction valve
Then from the back suction dispensing valve structure began to understand, back to the suction precision dispensing valve due to the precise control of the dispensing glue, because it is used in electric drive form, this form than the pneumatic drive can better carry on the variable precision adjustment glue. Its driving system is composed of two kinds of stator and rotor, which are called fixed structure. This structure uses the directional motion of the rotor rotating around the stator so as to realize the directional delivery of the glue. The dispensing valve can also rotate its direction to the opposite direction to carry out the reverse movement of the rotor, so as to complete the vacuum suction function of the dispensing machine.
High speed return suction valve
This is somewhat different from the hot melt adhesive valve, which has the ability to control the hot melt adhesive. Because the hot melt adhesive will become liquid when it meets high temperature, so this dispensing valve is equipped with a heating device to adjust the glue temperature of the dispensing valve. Another characteristic of hot melt adhesive is that its sticky sticky will become very strong when it melts. It can use glue dispensing equipment with high precision to finish dispensing. This driving form is very different from electric drive. Because it uses the screw linkage system to carry out the precision control of glue glue, the difference is still relatively large.
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