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How to select the type of needling needle

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With the dispensing technology has attracted more and more attention for the personnel in the application, dispensing needle is essential, dispensing high quality cannot do without the help of the needle valve, glue glue in the need for precise alignment to the corresponding quantity of cement to meet production requirements by needles, needles selection directly affects the quality of dispensing and dispensing efficiency, users should choose suitable for dispensing accessories industry in order to strengthen the quality of dispensing, so how to choose the dispensing needle according to the actual working situation?
First, determine the types of glue that need to be dispensed. Glue is divided into common glue and special glue. Dispensing needles support most common glue for dispensing. If we need to use special glue for dispensing, we must choose the targeted dispensing needles. UV belongs to a commonly used industrial special glue, only with ultraviolet irradiation can fast curing, use amber needle can effectively prevent ultraviolet curing reaction and UV have influence dispensing quality, this is for the use of glue, if using ordinary glue just select a plastic dispensing needle can meet most of the requirements of the general type of work.
Dispensing needle specifications in the 14G-34G, the higher the number of specifications on behalf of more fine needles with higher precision, if should choose high precision dispensing needle production processes used in small products, high precision dispensing needle can be uniformly coated on the complete glue dispensing path, to achieve the purpose of encapsulation or bonding, to avoid the influence of production the quality problems of partial leakage of adhesive glue, high precision dispensing needle glue volume small, if the need for large area coating should be selected to meet the large needles, glue coating work more comprehensive.
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