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What are the features of the plastic pedestal needles

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In the production of products, dispensing is an important production technology, dispensing adhesive, products in the production process of glue coating, require the use of high precision, as the dispensing needle dispensing accessories plays an important role in the small product dispensing needles need to select a high precision, so the user the dispensing needle selection will determine the value of the product, a plastic dispensing needle is a universal very strong needle, most dispensing machine support stowage universal accessories, as a plastic dispensing needle features are as follows.
A plastic dispensing needle Specification between 14G-34G, dispensing accuracy varies with the dispensing needle size, the more the higher the accuracy of tiny needles, double helix design plastic seat dispensing needle can strengthen the fixing effect, so that it can be long time fixed in the dispensing valve on the stability and high efficiency of the glue supply, reduce off the needle problem, suitable for many kinds of glue dispensing, polyethylene plastic dispensing needle seat material to build the stable performance is very good, have higher strength and service life of the glue dispensing effect of effective protection of transmission.
A plastic dispensing needle support a variety of dispensing equipment, support the desktop or floor type dispenser dispensing machine work, and a plastic dispensing needle can accurately position in collocation dispensing dispensing syringe or dispensing valve, simple structure and convenient use, an operator can remove the installation according to the actual demand, dispensing point accurately without bias other problems, to eliminate the glue drawing and other problems, in order to improve dispensing product is of practical value.
As a general-purpose glue needle, the plastic pedestal pin can effectively help the user to smooth out the glue.
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