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The selected needles are related to the production quality o

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With the expanding application of dispensing, dispensing value is more and more obvious, dispensing equipment with high performance are of great help to the production work, to further enhance the adhesive dispensing machine through the execution and coating contribute to the quality of products, including dispensing needle hair plays an important indispensable role, to achieve uniform glue coating by high precision dispensing the needle, so the user of dispensing needle selection and product quality are closely related.
The glue dispensing needle and user choice there is an inevitable link, if the use of special glue dispensing needles can choose ordinary, ordinary dispensing needles used for dispensing glue easily and fast curing adhesive on the needle, so the use of adhesive to the best use of Teflon dispensing needle, Teflon dispensing needle with precision manufacturing, fluid application in the low viscosity of the glue dispensing needle, stainless steel spiral top fixed design, so that it can be a long-term fixed in the dispensing valve, not containing silicon and chloride is more practical.
For dispensing products also need to choose different types of needles, which is mainly used in high precision dispensing needle dispensing part of small products, the chip package link as an example, the chip is conducive to the normal work, using high precision dispensing needle head can be uniformly coated on the glue accurately protective casing on the protection of housing and higher bonding strength, and not because the glue quantity can not be accurately controlled and the spillover effect of chip work effect.
The most common dispensing needles for most dispensing machines are the plastic dispensing needles, the plastic seats, the dispensing needles are easy to be dismantled, installed simply, and the service life is high, so they can execute stable dispensing for a long time.
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