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Selection of the type of dot glue needles in the production

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A hot tempered film production industry is on the market, in addition to selecting the appropriate dispensing machine, tempered film production choice dispensing needle, a combination of both can provide the dispensing environment is very good, the application has a better effect in film production will be tempered, dispensing has tempered film dispenser system Automation Co. Ltd the dispensing needle selection is in need of some methods, we can choose the appropriate needle.
A dispensing needle made of different materials, what the market such as: plastic, stainless steel, Teflon material and so on, the size is different, choose a suitable dispensing needle is not easy, need to repeatedly test to select the appropriate use of the dispensing needle, according to the test results can be selected with the dispensing needle for use in the production of the toughened film.
According to the characteristics of demand precision and glue can also choose a suitable needle, high precision tempered film production needs, can not use ordinary dispensing needles, meet the high precision dispensing as long as small needles, but also need to use a special glue dispensing needle made of plastic, you can use, dispensing needles you can use stainless steel and Teflon material, dispensing needles made of two kinds of materials suitable for toughened film production.
Choose a dispensing needle, need to go through many experiments, it is responsible for customers, but also for products responsible for the production of each product are so, regardless of how the use of needles, are in order to meet the needs of the industry, the production of needles or good will not complete dispensing the task, also won't have the customer to choose.
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