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How to choose the glue needles used in the suitable lighting

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The dispensing needle selection with dispensing machine selection is the same, because many types of dispensing the domestic production of every kind of each, the use of industry there are some differences, coupled with so many manufacturers, producing what is out there is a difference, dispensing needles is the same, the option to use certain skills, only to choose the right products, application of dispensing the effect will be much better.
Lighting industry is one of the hot domestic industry, need large needles in dispensing, dispensing needles need some small, some need to use glue technology, which are the industry needs to use to dispensing needles, first select the needles need to meet these requirements, or not in the lighting industry for dispensing.
In this industry the need for dispensing the light emitting diode can neither let the glue affect the brightness, also can't let diode off, so that the lighting industry application effect, cannot achieve this point, dispensing needles and dispensing machine that is not suitable for use in the industry.
A plastic dispensing needle is a dispensing needle of stainless steel and plastic composite pipe, stainless steel is fixed, and the needle is plastic, there are different types of needles, precision appropriate lighting industry requirements, the price is not expensive stainless steel, the effect of dispensing is about the same, can use various different glue.
You need to select the dispensing needle type dispensing needles, needles and select the appropriate dispensing machine need to spend some time in the production time will be reduced, more time, each industry requires the use of suitable equipment, dispensing needles used in lighting industry with other industries is the same effect.
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