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What are the working ways of the needles

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Application of dispensing technology in the majority of production work, dispensing needles are important accessories in dispensing equipment, dispensing needles through uniform glue alignment target dispensing, high precision production line of needles is very high, in addition to the durable but also meet the characteristics of high precision, dispensing needles can be applied to most in the work, then the dispensing needle work way?
The adhesive is coated dispenser is often used, the majority of users to use dispenser used in glue coating and bonding effect with high strength products between the choice, general large plastic seat needles can strengthen the effect of coating adhesive, glue dispensing needle large quantity and smooth, can reduce part time make coating bonding area more fully.
Need to use high precision dispensing needle package link, most of the dispensing package suitable for electronic packaging is small, in addition to complete the glue coated on the package surface, and not in the dispensing process due to the excessive amount of glue to affect the normal products application effect, so choose high precision needle in order to avoid the excessive amount of glue dispensing affect the quality of production, high precision dispensing needle can more accurately align the dispensing position uniformly accurate dispensing, solve the glue supply too much risk, in order to meet thedispensing work more comprehensive.
Dispensing needles are not suitable for use in any work. Jet dispensing machine is a high-performance dispensing equipment, which atomized the glue through the injection valve, so that it can be coated with high accuracy and high efficiency, without dispensing needles.
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