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How much is the return suction precision dispensing valve

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Dispensing fittings as a very important part of dispensing machine, whenever the dispensing parts are damaged, it is necessary to replace damaged parts. Of course, there is another case that when some glue is changed, some dispensing parts need to be replaced. So we need to consider carefully the properties and characteristics of the dispensing accessories so as to make use of them.
Return suction valve
If we want to change the dispensing valve, we have to choose and purchase it ourselves, then we need to consider the performance of dispensing machine and the requirement of glue for dispensing. So how much is a back suction precision dispensing valve?
Return suction precision dispensing valve
We refer to the return suction precision spot glue valve, which refers to the dispensing accessories with the back suction function and the precision control of the glue. There are a lot of materials and styles used in this kind of dispensing accessories, so it is not only one kind. But the glue valve has a common point, that is, they use the same driving mode and use the power driven form. There are two kinds of advantages in this form, one is to strengthen the precision dispensing performance of the dispensing valve, and the two is to improve the efficiency of the glue transportation.
Back suction high speed glue valve
So how many kinds of back suction precision dispensing valves are there? The dispensing valve can be in accordance with the two methods of classification, one is to distinguish between the use of material, can be divided into ceramics, Teflon dispensing valve. The other is to distinguish with the function of glue, can be divided into spray type, screw type glue valve. Because of the different cost of production, the price is different.
But usually, the precision dispensing valve made of aluminum profile is more dispensing valve, because its price is much cheaper than the special dispensing valve, but for the high precision pneumatic point glue valve, the price is relatively high.
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