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How to prevent the problems in the working process of the ne

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Dispensing needle problems in the dispensing process, because the dispensing needle is dispensing control, as long as the dispensing problems, dispensing needles were not spared, so to prevent the dispensing needle problem to the dispensing problems to be resolved, dispensing needles will appear plug, leakage glue, wire drawing, glue is not equal the problems need to be solved, using some special methods, or to continue dispensing in the industry.
First, to prevent the problems of dispensing machine, we need to glue machine maintenance and maintenance, there will be leakage glue dispensing needle and wire drawing, part of the reason is caused by the two are dispensing machine, related problems need to solve, dispensing, dispensing needles or not, will affect the dispensing needle.
To solve the problem after the dispensing machine, if the problem occurs again, is the dispensing needle problem, dispensing needles selection of inappropriate or internal clogging problem, but not yet completely blocked, resulting in uneven glue, this is the need to replace the appropriate glue dispensing needle, leakage problems are generally associated with pressure, trumpet the dispensing needle and strong suction pressure will affect a back pressure, cannot suck back glue, resulting in leakage glue, know what's the problem, you can prevent the dispensing needle dispensing process problems.
The dispensing needle work is correct, but also an important factor affecting the product, each link in accordance with the requirements of good, the probability of dispensing problems will be more and more small, need to work in the machinery industry is small, so many things will be affected by the dispensing problems, whether using the dispenser, or dispensing needle should pay attention to some methods.
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