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What are the problems that need to be paid attention to with

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Have a great relationship with the dispensing needle work, to prevent a problem you need to follow the right way of dispensing, after long time dispensing, need cleaning work for dispensing and dispensing accessories, thus effectively reduce the emergence of the problem, no matter what type of needles used are the same, reduce dispensing problems need a rigorous solution.
Can make the dispensing needle problem there are many different ways, such as a plastic dispensing syringe used in the lighting industry, not in accordance with the requirements of using the corresponding dispensing needle, and then use a large or small needles, there will be a bit too big or glue glue leakage problems, the emergence of these problems is to tell in when production requires the use of appropriate dispensing needle.
The use of needles problems with dispensing problems almost, such as dispensing is uneven, drawing, blockage, these are the problems that need attention, some characteristics of the glue is very easy to bond, as long as the needle will stay for a while in the solidification of needle in some glue, the need for special solutions, many industries are the same, any dispensing machine will not be a problem, dispensing needles is the same, only can prevent the occurrence of the risk.
Are those problems above, are some of the common problems of dispensing, dispensing needles is an accessory, general problems are caused by the dispensing machine, daily equipment maintenance, not only can prevent problems and dispensing dispensing, dispensing needles are not problems, unless it is in accordance with the installation of wrong dispensing the needle, dispensing needles specifications are not the same, some are of the same type, but there are some differences, which will affect the use of needles.
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