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A brief introduction to the specifications of the needles an

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Said starting point glue needle, many users should have a certain understanding of it. This parts mainly used in dispensing equipment, dispensing needles accessories as dispensing equipment used, the accessories in the dispensing process is special, because of many reasons, at present the accessories market management is more complex, so in type specification also more, and the accessories in the dispensing process due to the frequent occurrence of such kind of problems, so these problems must be changed frequently, many users are often unable to start in the choice of dispensing needle. Then based on the following by the system technicians for all users to introduce.
The specifications of dispensing needles: dispensing needles, in fact, are the metal needles that can be loaded at the top of the dispensing syringe. The specifications of dispensing needles are generally small, between 14G-35G, and many colors. Like spiral plastic precision dispensing needles, it includes olive, amber, green, pink, purple, blue, orange, red, natural, light purple, yellow, serum color and so on twelve kinds of colors.
Spot glue needle selection attention: sometimes the glue equipment to use some more special glue, so the need for specific glue needle to match. Because the design of the inclined needle is advanced, the application is relatively broad. The tilting dispensing needle can also be used for sealant and paste fluid besides viscous instant glue. If the piston rebounding seriously, please switch to the safe live mode and use the oblique dispensing needle. If it is water instant glue, we usually use metal glue needles. The metal dot glue needle is not easy to corrode. It can combine the speed, the precision and the running degree of the three to achieve the best dispensing effect.
This is a brief introduction to the specifications of the glue needles and the matters needing attention in the selection process.
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