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Analysis on the cause of the drop of the needle of the gas m

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With the rapid expand the application range of dispensing equipment, also led directly to the sales of accessories market, increase market sales, but also enhance the manufacturer's technology continues to improve, such as needles, in recent years has been improved rapidly, no matter is the type or function. For example: stainless steel tube, precision dispensing needle long needles, needles and other types of teflon.
But no matter how exquisite production technology of needles, needles in the majority of needles in the dispensing process will happen which will lead to problems. Just take the problem of holding the needle of the gas moving point glue valve. So what is the reason for the cause of the drop of the needle head of the moving point glue valve during the dispensing process?
When the glue valve is closed, the glue is spilt when the glue valve is closed. 95% of the case is due to the small caliber of the needles used. Too small needles will affect the flow of the liquid and cause the back pressure, which results in the leakage of the valve shortly after the closing of the valve. Too small needles also affect the action of the exhaust bubble when the valve begins to use, and the problem can be solved by replacing a larger needle. In the needling needle, the back pressure produced by the conical oblique needle is least and the liquid flow is the most smooth. The use of this needle is one of the methods to solve the drop.
In the process of dispensing, if the needle drop occurs, the rubber valve should be closed for the first time. Of course, no matter how fast it is, the needle will inevitably run out of glue. In addition to the above conditions, the existence of bubbles in glue is also one of the reasons that lead to drop the needle. Therefore, before we use each time, we should avoid the bubble in glue or use glue without bubbles.
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