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Material price of all kinds of glue needles

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The glue needle is one of the accessories in the dispensing equipment, and it can also be called the syringe syringe. In electronic parts, mobile phone keys, LED, semiconductor manufacturing products such as to be able to use the dispensing needle, and the requirements for the product dispensing needles are different, so the type of dispensing needle is more common, such as: Teflon, stainless steel needles needles, needles of different with different materials then, the following simple understanding of different types of the material dispensing needle.
1, Teflon material dispensing needle
General material is made of Teflon needles made of plastic material, although the short service life, but do not scratch the product in the dispensing process, to ensure product quality. Teflon needles can be called the glue dispensing needle, suitable for the use of quick drying glue dispensing work. The dispensing needle is made of plastic materials, and the service life is short, so a Teflon dispensing needle in the price is probably around $1, various colors and styles, in the choice of the user according to the requirements of the best dispensing needles suitable size, avoid the dispensing process leakage phenomenon of rubber etc..
2, the material of the stainless steel dot glue needle
It can be seen from the name that the stainless steel dot glue needle is made of stainless steel and has a long time to use. If there is a solidification phenomenon in the syringe during the use, the heater can melt the glue in the dispensing needle and do the dispensing work, so it can be reused. Because of the use of stainless steel needles is stainless steel, stainless steel needles so the price will be relatively Teflon dispensing needle with higher prices, probably at about 1-10 yuan a.
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