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How to choose the right point Teflon dispensing needle

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Application of Teflon dispenser industry more, can use the Teflon dispensing needle in LED, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment, mobile phone keys and other products. But these requirements for the product dispensing needles are different, so more Teflon dispensing needle size, if needles are not suitable for selection, drawing and other phenomena affect dispensing work is easy to appear in the dispensing process. So how should we choose Teflon needles?
Generally speaking, when we choose dispensing needles, we need to select suitable kinds and specifications of the needles according to the properties of glue and dispensing requirements, so as to facilitate dispensing. At present, we already know the types of the needles used, and then we need to choose the proper size and size of the needles according to the requirements of the glue. Some products are less suitable for producing glue. When choosing dispensing needles, the size of inner diameter can be selected. For some products that require large amount of glue, the dispensing needles with larger inner diameter can be selected. At the same time, it is necessary to choose the appropriate outer diameter of the pin joint according to the size of the dispensing valve.
The above is Teflon dispensing needle selection method. In the selection of glue needles, we need to check the quality of the needles. If the quality is not good, there are some problems that may affect the quality of the glue. Inspection methods: Teflon dispensing, the manufacturers agreed to under the condition of the needle assembly together, if the assembly after the stability of the invariant can choose range; check whether there is a Teflon dispensing needle wool, wool, with defects, if the defect will affect the dispensing quality, to the manufacturer's instructions.
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