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The advantages of Teflon needles have those?

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Teflon needles can be called the glue dispensing needle, a syringe needle is inserted in the. General dispensing needle is made of Teflon plastic material, and the needle top is used in metal materials, can be arbitrary disassembly. Can be used to dispense needles in LED, speakers, mobile phone keys, semiconductor manufacturing industry, so in these products use teflon dispensing needle has the advantages of that?
In addition to the wide scope of application, can any disassembly, dispensing needles in a Teflon Teflon material produced by the needle in the dispensing process not only because for some reason and scratch the appearance of the product, but also does not appear glue solidification phenomenon, can guarantee the production quality of products. The dispensing needle with a Teflon Teflon material, for some special glue can also use teflon dispensing needle for dispensing work, such as UV glue, instant glue etc..
In order to facilitate the selection of Teflon dispensing needle size more. When the product is glued, the work can be selected according to the requirement of the glue. On the contrary, if the lock using a dispensing needle diameter is relatively large, then point out the glue point is greater, and the use of relatively small diameter Teflon dispensing needle, point out the glue is smaller. Teflon and dispensing needle color more and more species, in the selection of optional colors.
The price of the general needles is low, about one yuan about one yuan. When the Teflon dispensing needle glue in the coagulation phenomenon replaceable needle use, avoid glue solidification blocking effect of dispensing work.
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