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What are the biggest specifications of the glue needles?

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In electronic parts, mobile phone parts, LED, toys and other products can be made to the dispensing needle, these products are of different cement volume requirements, some products need to produce the adhesive is relatively small, in the dispensing process can be used in the dispensing needle Jin small size control glue volume; on the contrary, some products need glue a large quantity of plastic, can be used in the dispensing work before dispensing needle size within the maximum size of fresh dispensing work. But the small size of the glue needle is more common, and the largest size of the glue needle is not very common, then the biggest spec glue needles have those?
1, stainless steel dot glue needle
The stainless steel dot glue needle is made of stainless steel and has long service life. Stainless steel dispensers can be used in automotive parts, cell phone buttons, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries, so the specifications of stainless steel dispensing needles are quite long. The smallest inner diameter of pipes is about 0.10G, and the largest inner diameter should be around 2.70G. When the glue needle is selected, it can be selected according to the properties of the glue and the requirement of the glue. It is convenient to spot glue.
2, Teflon dispensing needle
General dispensing needle is made of Teflon plastic material, and stainless steel needles, Teflon dispensing needle with short service life, but the use of Teflon dispensing needle in the dispensing process for dispensing the appearance of the product is not easy to scratch. The commonly used Teflon dispensing needle standards 20G, 25G, 27G etc. the pipe diameter size, in addition to the Teflon dispensing needle has large size needle.
Apart from the above two kinds of dispensing needles, the size of the inner diameter of the pipes has the largest specifications. Other kinds of dispensing needles also have, for example, high-speed dispensing needles, TT oblique dispensing needles, etc.
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