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The glue is the most uniform of the glue.

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The glue needles can also be called the syringe syringes. In the process of dispensing, the glue needles or the spot glue valves can be used in the dispensing work. The application scope of the needles is wide, and the glue needles can be used in automobile parts, mobile phone keys, computer keyboards, LED and so on. In addition to the dispensing of the glue, the needles can also be used to control the amount of glue out of the glue through the selection of the glue needle with the size of the inner diameter of the needle.
In order to facilitate the use of needles is classification, such as: stainless steel needles, needles, double Teflon needles, then use needles in the dispensing process will be uniform?
The stainless steel point glue needles and double head glue needles in the three kinds of needles are made of stainless steel, and the service life is longer. The double double needles, simultaneous dispensing, dispensing with high efficiency; the Teflon dispensing needle is made of plastic material, because of the needle with Teflon material, so the needle is suitable for quick drying glue, cyanoacrylate glue etc.. And Teflon in the dispensing needles will not scratch products, but also ensure the quality of products. These three kinds of glue needles can ensure that the store has a uniform amount of glue, but in use, it will affect the point of delivery for some reasons, such as:
The quality of the glue used is not good. If there are impurities in the glue, the glue needle will not only be blocked in the process of glue, but also the amount of glue will be affected. Therefore, in the dispensing process, it is better to check the quality of the glue used first, avoid glue plugging and affect the glue output, and the dispensing equipment is not well sealed. If the sealing is not good, it will not only accelerate the solidification speed of glue, but also block the influence of dispensing needles. If the seal is not good, the pressure barrel can be replaced again, and the phenomenon of glue solidification will be reduced.
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