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The development trend of Teflon dispensing needle

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In the process of glue dispensing, the dispensing equipment will use the glue needle, the glue valve and so on. The glue needle can also be called the glue syringe. The types of needles more, Teflon is a dispensing needle, with dispensing valve dispensing work in the dispensing process, but also through the use of different size to control the dispensing glue volume, avoid glue is not suitable for work etc.. How the development trend of Teflon dispensing needle?
A general Teflon dispensing needle is used in plastics, and the dispensing needle top metal material, can be arbitrarily disassembled, the needle is also equipped with a Teflon material by pipeline. In the process of dispensing, the product quality can be guaranteed by shaving the appearance of the product without the error of the bench and needle distance or position debugging. Due to the use of Teflon dispensing needle is made of plastic material, so the dispensing needle price is relatively low, so the Teflon needles in many industries have to use.
The dispensing needle used in Teflon Teflon material production, for some special glue can also be used to, for example: instant glue, glue etc.. Teflon and dispensing needle is also called quick drying glue dispensing needle in the dispensing prior to dispensing needles suitable choice Teflon size, can carry out the dispensing work.
Teflon and dispensing needle specifications more, some dispensing needle diameter is relatively large, which points out the glue point is relatively large; and some of the pipe diameter is relatively small, which points out the glue point is relatively small. From the above we can see that, Teflon dispensing needle size, the dispensing process can ensure product quality advantages.
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