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That is most suitable for use of Teflon glue dispensing need

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Teflon needles can be called the glue dispensing needle, a dispensing needle type, the dispensing needle is made of plastic, the dispensing process will not scratch the product, and the price is relatively low. Can use the Teflon needles in mobile phone buttons, LED, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries, in the dispensing process can be used according to the requirements of the nature, glue dispensing, and Teflon dispensing needle length, color and size are different. But the Teflon dispensing needle has certain requirements for the use of glue, then the Teflon dispensing needle with glue are those?
1. Quick drying glue
The adhesive is also called UV glue, adhesive, solidification speed is relatively slow, but the UV exposure can be quickly solidified products. As mentioned above, Teflon dispenser and adhesive dispensing needle, it can be seen that the Teflon, suitable for quick drying glue dispensing needle.
2. Instant dry glue
The solidification rate of the instant dry glue is faster, and the glue needle will be blocked by the glue needle in the process of dispensing, which will affect the work of the glue. The Teflon dispensing machine needle with a layer of Teflon material, can avoid glue solidification phenomenon in the needles, and ensure the production quality of the product can work in dispensing.
The above two kinds of glue will often use teflon needles, but using a range of needles is wide, and each product of cement volume requirements are different, in order to facilitate the use of dispensing specifications are more common, but the standard diameter of Teflon dispensing needle needle 20G and 25G, according to the requirements in the dispensing before dispensing to select the suitable strength inside size can be Teflon dispensing needle dispensing work.
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