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How to use teflon needles

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Teflon needles can be called is a kind of quick drying glue, dispensing needles in. Application of Teflon glue dispensing needle type more, such as instant adhesives, UV glue, epoxy silicone, etc.. The solidification rate of instant glue and adhesive faster, use the glue dispensing work, easy to glue solidified in the dispensing needle, thus affecting the dispensing work. The Teflon dispensing needle with Teflon material in the dispensing process does not make these glue solidification phenomenon. Although the use of the Teflon dispensing needle clogging probability is relatively small, but in use because of the improper use of thus affecting the dispensing work, avoid blockage then how to use teflon needles to?
The Teflon dispenser uses a plastic material, plastic in the process will not scratch the appearance of the product, to ensure product quality. As mentioned above, Teflon dispenser is suitable for quick drying glue, and glue dispensing process rarely blocking phenomenon, so the causes of dispensing needle clogging what?
Teflon needles quality is not good. If the sealing effect of the needle is not good, it is easy to coagulate the glue during the dispensing process, thus affecting the dispensing work of the dispensing equipment, and the quality of the glue is not good. If the quality of the glue is not qualified in the process of glue, the glue needles will be blocked because of the impurities in the glue water, thus the phenomenon of glue solidification will appear.
The above two methods are easy to appear in the process of solidification. You can check the dispensing needle and glue quality in the use of Teflon needles, if unqualified, can replace the needle or glue, glue appears to reduce the blocking phenomenon. The best to replace the blockage using Teflon needles, to ensure production and quality of products.
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