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How to reduce the phenomenon of needling needle drawing

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The dispensing work dispenser to help users complete a more comprehensive and efficient, for users to further enhance to ensure stable and efficient dispensing work contributes to the value of the products, a variety of factors affecting the quality of work in the dispensing links exist, such as dispensing needle head drawing problem of common problems, dispensing needles drawing the product appearance it should be greatly reduced, how to reduce the problem of drawing needles?
The user first clear drawing problem why, glue coating is through the dispensing needle outflow to the product, if the glue viscosity too easy bonding part of the dispensing needle, when dispensing needles pulled back and the glue drag force caused by wire drawing, have a certain influence on the quality of the products, easy to affect the appearance of the clean effect, through appropriate heating to reduce the viscosity of the glue and glue can improve liquidity, make comprehensive flow to the bonding surface and do not stick in the dispensing needle, to reduce the frequency of dispensing needle drawing.
In fact, dispensing needles can also increase the pull back drawing through efforts to solve, if drawing in the pull back process can enhance the pull back strength, ensure the glue dispensing needle break moment can avoid drawing phenomenon, in the process of pulling back if you want to ensure that no scratch products can use plastic needles to achieve.
By drawing dispensing needle directly affects the appearance of the products and the effect, to control the viscosity of the glue can be executed through the pressure barrel, the barrel pressure heating device can be more evenly in order to reduce the viscosity of the glue, glue the uniform and efficient, able to meet the adhesive product.
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