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What needles can be used to prevent the surface of the scrap

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The application of dispensing technology at this stage is very comprehensive, most products and packaging adhesive are achieved through high performance dispensing equipment, dispensing needles as the essential parts of dispensing system plays an important role, high precision dispensing needle can accurately align product line into the uniform dispensing work correctly, the user can help product value according to the actual needs of society to enhance the distinction of dispensing needles, higher requirements of production of some products, in the dispensing needles can not blow the effects of product surface normal use, the use of what the needle to prevent scratching the surface of the product?
Applicable to products to prevent scratching needles has many kinds, which is widely used in flexible dispensing needle, flexible dispensing needle PP material can effectively prevent the dispensing process scratch products, PP light thin and translucent polypropylene non-toxic, does not apply to the execution point glue in low temperature environment, stable performance and flexible glue dispensing needle smooth, to help the user to complete dispensing work of higher quality.
Plastic dispensing needle is a dispensing needle applicable to high precision production, made of polyethylene PE, has excellent chemical resistance and low temperature performance and stability, can perform long-term stable and efficient dispensing work, Seiko design enhances the dispensing process smoothly, support the use of a variety of properties of glue dispensing, PE material to avoid scraping trauma products to high speed dispensing process and influence the value of the product, the double helix at the top of the design so that it can perform stable long-term fixation in the dispensing valve dispensing.
Brush needles is a scratch resistant product dispensing needles, fine fur strengthened coating area and glue dispensing work is not suitable for high viscosity glue.
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