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How is the compatibility of plastic needles

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As an important chemical glue adhesive, plays an important role in the production process in the industry, the high viscosity glue represents the bonding strength is higher, so need to be applied to different types of needles can meet the work demand in dispensing industry, plastic dispensing needle compatibility is very high, can be equipped with a variety of styles of dispensing valve or dispensing needle working cylinder.
Plastic dispensing needle with polyethylene material, low temperature resistant performance is good, can long-term stable dispensing in the different needs of the work, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the glue with a special design is made of the gluing work more smooth and efficient, more fine plastic dispensing needle dispensing with higher precision, can fill the irregular slit dispensing, use the conversion of supplies to further enhance the top structural design so that it can complete fixed in the dispensing valve or dispensing needle at the bottom of work for a long time without falling, so the plastic dispensing needle with good compatibility.
The practical application for a variety of plastic dispensing needle glue dispensing, including 502 common glue, epoxy glue, electronic adhesive, sealant, cyanoacrylate, also support such as adhesive and other special glue, the biggest feature is the product of plastic dispensing needle is small, the metal needles in ordinary high-speed dispensing in the process easy to scratch products, the use of plastic dispensing needle can be avoided in high demand in the process of dispensing scratch products, improve the efficiency and quality of dispensing dispensing users.
End user replaceable dispensing needle to adjust the needle specifications from small to large, the quantity of cement from the supply pressure from low to high, so as to enhance the accuracy and the glue dispensing needle glue effect.
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