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What kind of dot glue fittings are the kind of brush head br

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I believe that many users for the first time to see this title will feel rather baffling, certainly will ask "what is" brush needles. This is the dispensing equipment often used to glue brush needle, the needle is different from other ordinary dispensing needles, of course from the name should be able to imagine. As the name implies, dispensing brush brush brush needle is so sure, someone will ask: "in general the needle nozzle dispensing needle is not sharp and sharp? Is more better, represents the degree of precision in the dispensing process.
In fact, with the idea of the user do not wrong, usually, ordinary needles indeed follows this principle. But with the electronic chip of some of the more popular electronic products by the market more and more popular, more and more businesses choose the production of these products must be used to produce chips and glue dispensing equipment, because compared with other chip products, this product has the advantages of small size, high requirement of glue, and glue evenly coated on the surface of the product in the dispensing process, so the ordinary dispensing needle is unable to complete this work.
So this is why the brush needle can be widely applied, brush needle has not wool, anti-static, and soft bristles with white and yellow hard bristles two types suitable for large area coating, unique design, simple and convenient, no precision molding flash, to ensure accurate and consistent contact glue, fur products, better safe and reliable. It can improve production capacity and reduce cost.
To sum up these advantages, brush needles are often used in the precision dispensing operation of modern industrial production.
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