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How to distinguish the needles from the glue

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There is a necessary connection between the development of modern manufacturing industry and dispensing technology, it is because of the rising manufacturing industry needs to promote the continuous development of dispensing, dispensing high technology more needs related accessories to meet the production demand, dispensing needles for the dispensing effect of products is higher, more high precision dispensing needle structure is smaller and more fine, taking into account the user to learn the actual working conditions to differentiate the dispensing needle way is helpful to improve the quality of products should be dispensing, dispensing needles on how to correctly choose?
The dispensing needle size, color and material are important factors influencing the quality of dispensing, dispensing needles specification is 14G-34G, the higher the number of specifications on behalf of more fine precision dispensing needle, can be coated on dispensing uniform products, so the size will clear the specifications from the dispensing needle head, in the packaging the coat dispensing needle is displayed on the relevant specifications, color and material etc..
The material is deciding the working effect of dispensing needles. The plastic dispensing needles are made of PE polyethylene. The texture is soft so that they can be applied to the dispensing part of small products, so that they do not scrape flowers and accurately glue dispensing, and are suitable for dispensing various fluids. The Teflon material is mainly used in the treatment of adhesive dispensing, if the use of ordinary dispensing needle application of quick drying glue dispensing, easy flow in process of fast curing blockage, seriously affect the dispensing quality of products, Teflon needles to prevent damage and blocking the adhesive substrate, is suitable for the low viscosity of the glue dispensing, demolition of simple installation convenient.
Different kinds of glue needles should be selected according to the actual situation.
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