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The effect of needle precision on the quality of the glue

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With the further development of the economic level, more and more production lines have strong dependence in dispensing technology, high precision for most production of dispensing technology, including dispensing machine to production to improve the quality of a higher level, except for the performance of the dispensing device itself, there is a link effect in fact precision dispensing needle the needle dispensing, affecting the accuracy of the dispensing quality high degree?
Dispensing needle specifications in 14G-34G, there are a variety of design for the different needs of the needle in the production work, such as UV glue dispensing needle, Teflon dispensing needles, which are designed for the needle in the special glue dispensing needle, if the ordinary use of such special glue, quickly solidified in the dispensing process caused by jam, make the working life of the affected needles.
If the user needs high precision dispensing of products, can choose high precision dispensing needle as working parts, high precision dispensing needles Specifications number between 30G-34G, the biggest feature is the small and fine workmanship, cement volume control effect is more accurate than the ordinary needle used in high precision dispensing of products to ensure the glue evenly without by coating on the bonding surface, will not leak the partial problems of glue glue.
High precision dispensing needle can be accurately control the quantity of cement, but in the actual application process of high precision dispensing needle glue adhesive coating efficiency is low, link used in large products will not be fully applied, this time you can use plastic glue needle point compatibility, plastic needles specification number very much more, can meet the industry requirements of production, plastic material to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of bad scratch product dispensing process.
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