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Use of pneumatic stainless steel pressure bucket

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In pneumatic dispensing machine, we need to use the same pressure barrel to do dispensing. So when we start dispensing, we need to know the way of using stainless steel pressure pail, and avoid many faults in dispensing process.
Stainless steel pressure bucket
You have to have a certain initial understanding of the stainless steel pressure bucket before each glue. For example, the name of its stainless steel pressure barrel is different because of its different materials, and its name is 201: material 304, material 316. Each of the three materials has its own scope of application. The 316 material can be used in the glue water with high acidity and alkalinity, and the 304 material can be used in flammable glue such as banana water. However, the most material used in the glue dispenser is 201 material, because it can be well stored for all kinds of glue.
Stainless steel automatic pressure bucket
The stainless steel pressure barrel can be divided into stainless steel heating barrel, piston pressure barrel, pressure type pressure bucket, etc. if it is to be differentiated according to the different use function. But the most common one is pneumatic pressure barrel. Because it uses pneumatic to be powered by the glue, its dynamic strength is much stronger than the ordinary pressure bucket.
Stainless steel precision pressure bucket
The role of this pneumatic stainless steel pressure barrel in the glue dispenser is very important to the other glue fittings. Its main function is to store the glue dispensing, and glue to outside air contact; there is the transmission form of pneumatic transmission by dispensing glue to glue machine, the pneumatic dispenser for dispensing work can be normal. The use of the pressure bucket is also very simple. First, drain the waste water from the glue dispensing first, then pour the glue that will be used into the pressure container, then open the valve of the pressure bucket, and finally start the power, then use the compressed air to glue the glue into the transmission system.
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