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Zhongcheng fully automatic mixing pressure barrel, the lowes

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Automatic stirring dispensing pressure barrel is one of the most commonly used parts of dispensing equipment, especially high concentration glue, the most suitable use of dispensing pressure barrel, can be real-time stirring, can prevent glue curing or enhance activity, are very useful. Zhongcheng manufacturer has two kinds of automatic stirring dispensing pressure bucket, one is pneumatic stirring dispensing bucket, the other belongs to electric stirring dispensing pressure bucket.
Different types of automatic dispensing pressure barrels
Zhongcheng manufacturer belongs to the research and development and production of automatic dispensing pressure barrel. Besides automatic dispensing pressure barrel, it can also produce other types of dispensing pressure barrel, such as flat-capped dispensing pressure barrel, piston dispensing pressure barrel, double-layer dispensing pressure barrel, pneumatic stirring dispensing pressure barrel and so on. It can also customize special pressure barrel. There are also various models, such as 5L, 10L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 300L, 500L and so on, can be produced, as well as pressure regulating valve, safety valve, exhaust valve, motor and so on.
Comparison between market price and Zhongcheng price
Source manufacturer produces automatic stirring dispensing pressure drum, in price than some manufacturers have more advantages, such as: pneumatic stirring dispensing drum eight liters, the market price is 1680, Zhongcheng manufacturer only sold 1480, all accessories are matched, but also sent a set of configuration, basically belong to a lower price, Zhongcheng price sells low, the owner. If we rely on quantity, the monthly efficiency can reach more than 1000.
Production materials for pressure barrels
Although the price of pneumatic stirring dispensing bucket is relatively low, but the use of accessories are high-quality products, such as: pressure regulating valve is made of special materials and aluminum alloy, not because the pressure inside the automatic dispensing pressure bucket is too high, and burst, safe and stable, and automatic stirring dispensing pressure bucket service life Life is relatively long. This is the automatic dispensing pressure barrel produced by Zhongcheng.
To be able to sell at the lowest price of the whole network, not every manufacturer can do, because the production of automatic stirring dispensing pressure barrel cost is too high, basic can not make money, there are costs, so the pressure of manufacturers is still very big, and now the market competition is very large, the difficulty of increasing sales, automatic dispensing pressure barrel The sale is slowly decreasing, and the cost of accessories is on the rise. The pressure regulating valve is the best explanation.
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