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Application of double pressure barrel can eliminate leakage

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  Double-deck pressure bucket is a common pressure bucket on the basis of an additional layer, the effect of glue storage is very good, to avoid leaks, air leakage and other problems, the use of this pressure bucket can better ensure the nature of the glue used.
 Double pressure bucket

  The way of releasing the paint bucket is adopted.

  Although there are two layers inside the double-layer pressure barrel, some of the accessories are still some, such as rubber barrel tank, feeding and unloading joints, sealing rings, safety valves and other valve parts, the general dispensing barrel tank is installed at the bottom of the pressure barrel, but this double-layer pressure barrel using a downward coating barrel glue way, discharging in the pressure barrel The position of the rubber barrel is also different from that of the usual dispensing pressure cylinder. The advantage of using the lower coating barrel is that the glue can flow smoothly and is more conducive to the double pressure barrel glue.
 Double pressure bucket

  Introduction of double pressure barrel related parameters

  The appearance of double pressure bucket is usually made of stainless steel. Before glue is stored, glue can be poured into the bucket directly without excessive treatment. After the glue is poured into the dispensing pressure bucket, the automatic stirring function of the double pressure bucket is started, and the glue is stirred evenly to ensure the glue quality of the glue. The double-layer pressure bucket adopts the way of glue discharging from the bottom of the bucket. The advantages of the way of glue discharging from the bottom of the bucket are also introduced. But it should be noted that before pouring the glue into the pressure bucket, the glue quality should be determined to avoid the unqualified glue quality affecting the product dispensing quality. . By assembling the inner liner of the rubber bucket, the suitable glue pressure can be supplied in time to ensure the normal glue flow out of the double-layer pressure bucket and prevent the air leakage.
 Double pressure bucket
  By matching safety valve, rubber barrel liner and other accessories can make the double-layer pressure barrel more fluent to complete the glue release work, the use of a lower-level paint barrel can also prevent the glue pressure barrel leakage, air release and other problems affecting the glue properties.

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