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Automatic heating stainless steel high pressure heating tank

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  The stainless steel heating tank is made of stainless steel material and has good high temperature resistance. When the glue in the stainless steel heating tank solidifies, the manual coating glue tank can be heated by a heater, so that the glue can be melted and used normally. It is also convenient to store some special glue, although suitable for entering. The stainless steel heating tank with heating operation has many advantages, but it is necessary to pay attention to its operation method when using gluing bucket.
Stainless steel heating tank

  Matters needing attention in using glue bucket

  This glue bucket can be heated, but in the process of operation it is necessary to understand how it is used and the use of glue machine need to pay attention to the problem. First of all, before pouring the glue into the stainless steel heating tank, we need to check whether the nature of the glue is affected, if the glue is affected, we can not continue to use, so as not to affect the product dispensing link; after pouring the glue into this manual paint glue tank, the glue will be automatically stirred by the glue coating opportunity, but in stainless steel. Before stirring glue in the heating tank, it is necessary to set the stirring speed and direction of the staff. The direction of the stirring should be unified and the glue speed should be moderate, which can avoid the occurrence of glue bubbles and ensure the normal dispensing work.
Stainless steel heating tank

  Heating stainless steel heating tank

  The heating effect of stainless steel heating tank has brought a lot of work advantages. If the glue bucket is used to store glue, if the glue bucket has air leakage problem, it will lead to the glue solidification in this manual coating glue tank, affecting the normal dispensing work of dispensing machine. If the glue solidification phenomenon occurs in the ordinary dispensing bucket, the dispensing bucket can only be replaced and used, and the stainless steel heating tank can melt the glue in this manual coating glue tank through a heater, and for such glue as hot melt glue, it can be smoothly transported to the dispensing bucket through the combination of heaters. Dispensing production.
Stainless steel heating tank
  Before using the glue bucket, it is best to understand the operation of his attention problems, to avoid improper operation of the pressure bucket affect the normal work. The stainless steel heating tank with heating effect can solve the problem of glue solidification, and is suitable for hot melt glue.
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