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The cost is low. It belongs to the economical pneumatic mixi

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  Pneumatic stirring dispensing bucket is powered by pneumatic stirring. Compared with electric dispensing pressure bucket, this automatic stirring dispensing pressure bucket has advantages in environmental protection and cost saving. Pneumatic stirring dispensing bucket is also very good in glue mixing quality. It is an economical dispensing pressure. The bucket.
Pneumatic stirring dispensing barrel

  Introduction of pneumatic stirring dispensing barrel

  Pneumatic stirring dispensing barrel is a kind of automatic stirring dispensing pressure barrel, the working power is pneumatic, the use cost is relatively low in the use process, the work is better than the electric dispensing pressure barrel environmental protection. The dispensing barrel fittings assembled in this dispensing pressure barrel are relatively complete. The pneumatic pressure regulating valve and relief valve can ensure the fluency of glue conveying in the pneumatic stirring dispensing barrel. In the course of use, it can also ensure the safety of work and prevent operation accidents.
Pneumatic stirring dispensing barrel

  Low cost, economical pressure dispenser.

  This automatic stirring dispensing pressure barrel is equipped with dispensing barrel accessories are relatively complete, equipped with a pneumatic regulator, imported sealing device and exhaust pressure relief valve can effectively ensure the working sealing effect, in the glue delivery can also be improved, and this dispensing pressure barrel use cost is low, in terms of price. It is also cheaper. The ratio of sex to gum is relatively high. It is an economical pressure dispenser for dispensing. Because the pneumatic stirring dispensing drum uses the pneumatic pressure as the glue stirring power, then in the glue stirring process needs to ensure the stability of the pneumatic pressure to avoid the glue bubble problem, then this need to use the pressure regulating valve to cooperate, before using the pressure valve to set the glue stirring pressure, so that this gas Automatically stir the dispensing pressure tank and stir the glue according to the adjusted air pressure.
Pneumatic stirring dispensing barrel
  An economical pneumatic stirring dispensing bucket can be selected to complete dispensing production by selecting an automatic dispensing pressure bucket with low cost.
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