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Water bottle with funnel glue directly added glue

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  A funnel-shaped inlet is installed on the top of the hopper feeding bucket. When the hopper feeding bucket is poured into the storage glue, the glue can be added directly when the glue is dispensed manually by the staff or by the intelligent equipment. It is convenient to operate, and the glue can be avoided when the glue is stored. Leakage and other problems.
Hopper bucket

  Introduction of funnel bucket

  The bucket with funnel is a series of non-standard pressure buckets. The glue discharging method of this bucket is lower-level. When working, not only glue can be added directly, but also glue can be transported out directly. It is also very convenient to use. Although it is a series of non-standard pressure buckets, the dispensing accessories are relatively complete. For example: rubber cylinder inner liner, muffler, sealing ring, safety valve, pressure regulating valve, etc. are installed, in the dispensing process, there are few dispensing problems.
Hopper bucket

 It can directly add and transport glue.

  The funnel in the hopper feeding bucket is usually assembled on the top of the rubber bucket. It is very convenient to pour glue into the bucket, and glue leakage will not occur during the glue pouring process. As mentioned earlier, this type of filling bucket glue out of the way is to use the lower type, then in the glue out of the work can be directly conveyed glue appeared. The inner liner and the sealing ring of the rubber bucket can be extremely high sealed in the bucket with a funnel. The inner liner of the rubber bucket can also provide pressure, and the glue bucket with a funnel can convey glue.
Hopper bucket
  With a funnel is the most easily distinguished point of this filling bucket, when working can directly fill glue, glue directly out of the glue. The glue bucket with funnel is usually made of stainless steel and special metal material. There are many kinds of glue, including some special glue, but the glue property should be paid attention to in the process of use.
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