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Pneumatic agitating pressure bucket driven by pneumatic type

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Pneumatic stirring pressure barrel belongs to two series of pneumatic series, is also a kind of more commonly used dispensing pressure barrel, because of glue reasons, so need to use stirring pressure barrel, this pneumatic stirring pressure barrel may not directly add motor in the power, still can meet more glue use. Requirement.
Pressure type dispensing pressure bucket advantage
What advantages does the pneumatic driving glue have? First, nine of the ten types of glue need to use air pressure, the average price of using air pressure is lower than the electric price, no matter which kind of electric parts are more expensive than pneumatic, the price of pneumatic dispensing valve is generally between 3500, and the electric price is 35000, which is ten times that of it, choose pneumatic stirring performance-price ratio. Higher, how to choose a dispensing accessories for manufacturers is the best, you will know.
Advantages of pneumatic pressure barrels
气动搅拌型压力桶 Pneumatic pressure barrel only needs to use air pressure can be produced, do not need electric way, and the general manufacturers will have air pressure, direct connection of air pressure, do not use electric power, so for production is also more safe, power mode will be more troublesome, easy to lead to excessive power, the glue properties are destroyed, pneumatic Stirring mode performance is also very good, and pneumatic stirring pressure barrel is made of stainless steel, also known as pneumatic stainless steel stirring pressure barrel, dispensing industry accessories will generally have several names, do not know how to find experts, help you recommend a dispensing pressure barrel in line with the industry.
Pneumatic stirring pressure barrel has the advantages of simple operation, easy control, storage glue is not easy to curing, easy cleaning and so on, which are the advantages of pneumatic pressure barrel, but also can be used in many industries, so this dispensing pressure barrel is very popular in dispensing accessories, if you need to choose this type of pneumatic stirring. For the manufacturers of dispensing machines, the most preferential prices, the best quality service, can be life-long maintenance Oh!
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