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Manual dispensing can be applied to paint glue tank

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Manual dispensing can be used in paint glue tank for a certain reason, because manual dispensing valve can not store glue, so only use paint glue tank as a storage glue accessories, otherwise it can not use manual dispensing valve for production, the industry does not require high dispensing accuracy, will basically use manual dispensing side. The production cost is very low.
Manual dispensing accessories
Choose accessories that meet production requirements. For cost-saving dispensing, manual dispensing needs fewer accessories. Generally, dispensing controllers, hoses, manual dispensing valves and paint glue cans are needed. No other accessories are needed, dispensing can be carried out, and dispensing accuracy is based on user status. The direct relationship is that it dispenses glue, so its stability is not as high as that of automated production, but its cost is lower than that of automated production. Of course, not all industries will adopt manual dispensing, but also need to use automated production. Some industries have higher requirements for dispensing technology and can only use automation. Production mode.
Plastic bucket type
Paint glue tank also has many titles, such as stainless steel dispensing pressure barrel, carbon steel pressure barrel, paint dropping pressure barrel, cylinder pressure barrel and so on, all belong to the glue tank, but from the details of classification, can be divided into many types, the use of glue will be different, such as paint dropping rubber barrel, the general use of paint type, and cylinder pressure. Force barrel is a common type of glue, such as epoxy, silicone and red glue, belonging to the more common cylinder pressure barrel.
This is the pressure drum, which has a variety of glue, can use a variety of different glue, can help manufacturers to improve production efficiency, this is the paint glue tank, the production effect has been achieved, if you buy the hope that you can come to the manufacturer to buy, we can produce a variety of pressure drums, paint dropping drums and cylinders. The pressure bucket is just one of them, and we can customize the technology you need.
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