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Mirror barrel lift pressure barrel of new pressure barrel in

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Dongguan Medium-sized Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in research and development and production of dispensing machines and dispensing accessories. This new type of pressure barrel with mirror cover is one of the pressure barrels that we are leading in research and development and production. We have already produced many types of pressure barrels, as well as various specifications. There will be more types of choices.
Dispensing barrel type
In addition to the new mirror cover pressure barrel, there are downward dispensing pressure barrel, stirring pressure barrel, piston pressure barrel, French pressure barrel and so on. There are too many specifications of pressure barrel. There are also plastic pressure barrels, but there is demand in the market, we can make them, some can be customized, we have them. Prepare such technology.
Mirror lift pressure barrel advantage
What are the advantages of the new production of mirror lift pressure barrels? From the structure of dispensing pressure barrel, different from general pressure barrel specifications, mainly reflected in the barrel cover, the general pressure can remove the lid, and this can not be removed, the advantage is that dispensing pressure barrel burst, the lid will not fly out, will not hurt people, in fact, the greatest feature of this pressure barrel is the mirror, can be removed. Enough to observe and prevent the low flow of glue, this multi-functional dispensing pressure bucket.
The pressure barrel with mirror cover can not only observe the amount of glue, but also cause the leakage of glue barrel. It is similar to the pressure barrel with lower dispensing mode. The specifications of pressure barrel determine how long it can be produced. If there is no glue in the middle of production, it needs to be replaced. The pressure barrel with mirror cover is not used to store glue. The amount of glue is detected, and when trade opens, air will enter, which is not the biggest impact. After glue is used up and air pressure enters the rubber pipe, this is the biggest impact. It will delay production, reduce production and so on.
Dispensing pressure pail made in China
Nowadays, many manufacturers like to use similar pressure barrels to dispense glue, which is of great help to manufacturers, and the price is the same as that of ordinary carbon steel pressure barrels. However, few manufacturers know that there are mirror cover pressure barrels and lower dispensing pressure barrels. So we haven't produced many products. After ordering, we can produce them in a few days. Moreover, the pressure drum has many specifications, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of manufacturers for rubber quantity in advance.
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