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Liquid level indicating pressure bucket capable of directly

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The liquid level display pressure barrel is a very good pressure barrel. It can observe the use of glue, especially in the glue filling industry. The glue can be used very quickly. The glue can be observed all the time by using the liquid level display. The machine production is generally fully automatic mode. It is impossible for anyone to watch it every day and use the liquid level display pressure barrel. You can observe the glue and occasionally look at it.
Materials used for manufacturing pressure vessels
There are two kinds of materials for liquid level display pressure barrel produced by neutral system, carbon steel and stainless steel. Although both of them have steel letters, their properties are somewhat different. Choosing carbon steel will be cheaper, while stainless steel can resist corrosion. It is better to recommend stainless steel, which is more expensive and has better effect.
Pressure bucket type
碳钢法式压力桶 There are many types of pressure barrels, which are also built for you according to the manufacturers'demand for pressure barrels. Each type of pressure barrel will have different liters, such as 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L, etc. All kinds of pressure barrels are designed to meet your requirements. According to the requirements of different industries for glue volume, the pressure barrel that meets is selected, not only The liquid level shows the pressure barrel, so is the flange pressure bucket and the cover type pressure bucket.
Comparison with other types of pressure barrels
Compared with the two, the liquid level display pressure barrel is more troublesome, because the display of pressure barrel on parts is more complex, the external device allows it to observe the glue content, while the flanged pressure barrel and flat cover pressure barrel are common types of glue dispensing pressure barrel, so the price will be lower than the liquid level display pressure barrel, but use it. Material is basically the same, they are made of 304 stainless steel and carbon steel, but the types are different. If you choose the pressure barrel produced in the middle system, you can directly dial the telephone hotline 13713306830, or you can search the Dongguan Automation Shop in the Ali Shop. There are various dispensing accessories for sale.
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