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Combining inner barrel with outer barrel to realize double-l

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What kind of industry do double pressure barrels usually use? And what's the function of its bucket liner? This type of glue is generally used for double-liquid glue, and the application industry is also relatively low requirements for double-liquid glue, so the use of this pressure bucket effect will be better, because it can classify glue, so it will not lead to glue mixing, leading to curing.
点胶压力桶 Function of Double Pressure Barrel
Dual-liquid glue has curing effect, so it is easy to be cured in pressure barrel. If double-layer pressure barrel is used, the effect of inner liner of rubber barrel will not appear. The inner liner of rubber barrel we use is made of stainless steel material, which can make inner liner of rubber barrel have anticorrosive effect, but it will not appear yet. Leak gum.
点胶压力桶 How to meet the needs of production
Which kind of pressure barrel is used for dispensing machine mainly depends on its performance. The stainless steel inside the barrel is not easy to corrode, but also to meet the production needs. How to meet the production needs? In this way, double pressure barrel can separate glue, so that it will not mix glue before dispensing, so that no glue solidification will occur, dispensing effect will be particularly good, why cause the glue head drip?
双层压力桶 The inner liner of the main rubber drum is directly related to the dispensing machine, because the filling head is used on the dispensing valve, while the double pressure drum is connected with the dispensing machine, and there is air pressure inside, which will have better effect. If the air pressure is not well controlled, the effect will not be very good, which will easily lead to the leakage of the filling head, and the double pressure drum can not store too much. More glue, otherwise it is easy to leak glue, so it is very important to choose products. The combination of inner and outer barrels is also to meet the needs of manufacturers. We make pressure barrels customized mainly according to the needs of manufacturers.
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