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304 Stainless Steel Piston Cylinder Pressure Barrel

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Cylinder pressure barrel is one of the most commonly used rubber barrels at present. There will be many types of pressure barrels, such as 5l, 10l, 15l, 20l, and many dozens of liters are sold. The corresponding stainless steel pressure barrel will be configured according to your needs. This will have a greater effect on your use. Why? To prevent the waste of glue, it is not necessary to add glue in the middle to ensure continuous production.
Pressure bucket type
气缸压力桶 In fact, there are many different types of glue pressure bucket, such as paint dropping bucket, paint glue tank, downward pressure bucket, etc., which belong to the type of stainless steel pressure bucket, and cylinder pressure bucket is also known as piston pressure bucket, which can mainly use some high concentration glue, such as silica gel, rings, etc. Oxygen glue, black glue and so on, while epoxy glue is used in many industries, so this bucket is particularly popular.
Differences between rubber drums
活塞式压力桶 Paint dropping bucket is very different from paint glue tank. This kind of bucket can only use one type of glue. Paint will dye the bucket and use other glue will destroy the glue property. Therefore, any choice of bucket needs consultation, which will prevent product damage. Glue-coated tank has a wide range of uses. After cleaning, other types of glue can be used, mainly using some relatively low concentration glue, which is a little contrary to cylinder pressure barrel, of course, this is the reason why we produce, to prevent all stainless steel pressure barrels from using the same glue.
Advantages of Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
压力桶 304 stainless steel pressure barrel is the most used, will not rust, will not affect the use of products, and the service life is very long, all particularly welcomed by manufacturers, although the price is more expensive, cost-effective is the highest, more expensive materials, if you need cylinder pressure barrel, you can call me. Our hot-selling telephone 13662812001.
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